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Chiropractic Adjustments

Our facility utilizes state of the art equipment and treatment therapies in order to provide advanced spinal
correction and chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments are a safe, natural and effective procedure utilized by
Iselin chiropractor Thomas Cawley, DC in order to fix subluxations in the spine and give your body the ability to heal itself.
Iselin NJ Chiropractor

Sports Rehabilitation

Activities can exert a tremendous amount of stress on the spinal column and joints. Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician Thomas
Cawley, DC works with amateur through professional athletes in Iselin and from the surrounding areas for optimal health to
prevent injury. Unfortunately injuries occur, but with chiropractic for sports injuries, clients regain strength and avoid chronic issues.

A sports injury such as a sprained ankle or sore back can result from poor technique or lead to poor technique when an individual
athlete overcompensates for an injury favoring one side of his or her body or one position. Sports injuries also lead to
secondary pains and problems. Dr. Cawley treats not just the specific location of pain but the areas radiating out from it as well.

Sports Chiropractor

K-Laser Therapy

K-laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light both red and near-infrared to stimulate
cells and aid in the healing process. When cells absorb the light energy, it initiates a series of
events that eventually results in normalizing the damaged nerves or tissue as well as reduce the
pain and inflammation. This interaction is what accelerates the overall healing process.

Decompression Therapy 3D ActiveTrac

The 3D ActiveTrac combines traction, decompression and 3D movement all in one device.  The machine allows for
Dr. Cawley to position the patient’s body perfectly for treatment and address the problems that are unique to each injury.

The 3D ActiveTrac compression table has specific positioning which takes the pressure off structures in the back
and neck that are causing pain. Patients report of less pain and more mobility after just a single treatment.
The therapy is non-invasive and allows Dr. Cawley to provide effective treatment without the need of surgery.

Decompression Therapy

Additional Chiropractic and Wellness Services


Instrument Adjusting

Motorized adjustment therapy utilizing a small machine to provide controlled force in order to treat back, neck pain and disc injuries.

Joint Disease

We successfully treat the wear and tear of your joints that causes osteoarthritis without the use of surgery or harmful medications.


A bulging or ruptured disc can irritate the sciatic nerve & cause pain. A quick & specific series of spinal adjustments can potentially relieve you from pain.

Shockwave Therapy

Myofascial Acoustic Compression Therapy is a revolutionary treatment that uses soundwaves to improve mobility and alleviate pain.

Disc Herniation

Disc herniation is treated with the 3D ActiveTrac that combines decompression therapy with active 3D movement in one machine.

Pregnancy & Pediatric

Gentle adjustments for a safer and more comfortable pregnancy along with proper growth and development in infants and children.


Dr. Cawley is Electrodiagnosis Board Certified and trained to diagnose and treat patients with neuromuscular diseases.

Back and Neck Pain

Chronic and acute back and neck pain is alleviated through non-invasive adjustments that do not require surgery or medication.

Chronic Headaches

Naturally alleviate chronic tension, migraine and cluster headaches through chiropractic care without the use of harmful medication.

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